Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Easy" by Tammara Webber - A Great Read!

EasyEasy by Tammara Webber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started this book last evening and finished it at four in the morning because I couldn't put it down!!! The story line is riveting. The bad boy hero Lucas is sexy, wonderful, and intriguing--all at the same time. The heroine Jacqueline appears to be the typical college co-ed in dire need of finding herself and not being so easily eclipsed by her ex-boyfriend in every aspect of her life. Although Jacqueline falls a little flat for me in comparison to our heroic bad boy Lucas, the overall character arcs for both of them kept this reader/writer entertained long enough that I was able to hang in there and look past this because of the overall depth of the story. The subtext with Lucas's own personal story is exquisite on so many levels that readers will be amazed by this particular plot line revelation and they definitely won't see it coming.

"Easy" is a gripping novel that explores the nuances and trappings of college life, the decisions young adults often make based solely on their life experiences or lack thereof. "Easy" also shows how an individual's life can so easily change or be redefined (good or bad) because of a single event.

Author Tammara Webber's deft exploration of adult subject matters including easy sex versus saying no, rape, violence, an individual's need for power and control, and the gender differences and perceptions that still exist in relation to all of these topics is powerful as well as bold. Nicely done, Ms. Webber! I Loved it! "Easy" is an awesome read!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Permissible Living While Writing

I know. You just fell over in your chair because I'm posting a blog, an actual blog post, not a quote, not an image, not a photograph. No, I'm not using someone else's thoughts to convey my own, for once. I know. It's unusual. An anomaly. It may not last, but some things just need to be said, written down, if you will. It's true. I've written three novels and recently marked a year, since the first two were released (May 2011-Seeing Julia & Not To Us). It's also been six months since When I See You met up with the world. It seemed like a good time to reflect upon these endeavors. Yay! If you glance through my past posts you will see that I struggle mightily with the writing process, at times, but there are also many days when success finds me and readers send kind thoughts and words my way. Thank you. YOU make it all worthwhile. As it stands, I've tried many things with promoting my work, including the usual social media hangouts that are Twitter and Facebook and even Pinterest. All can be inspiring places, especially when readers find me and tell me what they like about my novels. Thank you. However, the point of this post is to reach out and tell you all that although I am thrilled that you enjoy my work and I love having best seller status on Amazon with all three novels, I also need to take a much-needed hiatus for the next month or so. The truth is I need time to decompress in order to make some kind of forward progress on the current WIP (work-in-progress) novel Finding Amy and/or This Much Is True. (The title seems to change, depending upon which day it is and where I think the plot is going.) Thus, you can see my need for solitude to be able to finish this work as I strive (and, sometimes struggle) to provide another most excellent read for my fans. I really am going by the Anne Lamont adage at this point. (See Photograph). And, I thought it best that I should write this out, so you know where I'm taking things with my work. I'll continue to post the odd quote or photograph to convey my thoughts and love, but I just wanted to share what I was thinking of in terms of permissible living and writing. Thank you for being here, for reading this. Love to all, KO