Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"This Much Is True" gets a Playlist

The "Playlist" for This Much Is True follows the chapter listing fairly closely (by mood, of course). Why did I create a playlist? Well, music plays a big part of my writing process and these songs were played extensively over the past year and a half. I have a huge playlist of over a hundred songs that evolved down to these twenty songs as the story came alive and the characters became 3-Dimensional because they do that in my mind.

It will make more sense AFTER you've read the book...What are you waiting for?! Links below for the novel because I'm thorough, a perfectionist, demanding...all of those. ♥


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Monday, August 26, 2013

Early Reviews for This Much Is True

Early Reviews for This Much Is True...And what readers are saying is the biggest reward of all...

"...Just loved this story line, incredible love story with angst, emotions, heartbreak and the power of true love." ★★★★★

"...Loved This Much Is True! Katherine Owen tells the story of Tally with great sensitivity and wisdom." ★★★★★

"...If you enjoyed Not To Us and When I See You, expect to love This Much Is True." ★★★★★



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Much Is True - A Novel - Just Released!

Katherine Owen's long-awaited, fourth novel, This Much Is True, has just been released!!!

New Adult | Adult Fiction Novel | Owen's latest release - This Much Is True

Fate brings them together Fame & 
Lies keep them apart
One truth remains…

She’s become the Paly High girl with the most tragic story… At 17, Tally Landon just wants to graduate and leave for New York to pursue ballet. Her best friend Marla convinces her to attend one last party—a college party—where she can be among strangers and escapes the whispers about the tragic loss of her twin that seem to follow her everywhere she goes. She meets Lincoln Presley, Stanford’s famous baseball wonder and has a little fun at his expense when she lies about her age and who she really is intent on being someone else for the night and escaping her tragic story. She and her twin sister Holly used to trade places all the time.

His only focus is baseball but he can’t forget the girl he saved on Valentine’s Day… At 22, Lincoln Presley’s star is on the rise—about to finish at Stanford and expected to be taken early in Major League Baseball’s upcoming draft—his cousin’s party serves as a welcome distraction. But then, he sees the girl from Valentine’s Day and can’t quite hide his disappointment when she appears to look right through him and not remember him at all from the horrific car accident, he saved her from months before. He vows to learn her name at least before he leaves. What’s the harm in getting to know this girl? What’s the worst that can happen?

They share this incredible connection… She can’t quite contain her attraction for this guy who cooks for her and helps her through more than one of these panic attacks that seem to come out of nowhere these days. It’s amazing that they share the same fears about falling, failing, and losing as well as an endless quest for perfection. He with baseball. She with ballet. He makes her feel something again. “You make me want to be a better person, Elvis.” 

He can’t get a handle on his feelings for this incredible girl, even though he soon learns she’s lied to him about practically everything. He forgives her because he hasn't exactly told her about the tragic circumstances in which they first met from months before that she obviously doesn’t remember. He ignores the ramifications surrounding their difference in age that could potentially impact his baseball career and reputation; he’s already too far gone over Tally and soon enough her grieving family as well. So he asks her to wait for him because he wants to wait for her.

Fate soon tests these star-crossed lovers in all kinds of ways... Ultimately, Linc must choose his baseball career and carry on his father’s legacy because there is no easy way to explain a fateful liaison with a seventeen-year-old ballerina just graduating from Paly High when he is five years her senior.

Tally encounters heartbreak for the first time over a guy and vows to forget all about Lincoln Presley. Focusing solely on ballet, she experiences her own meteoric rise to fame that soon has her making the hard choices for her career, too, and unexpected sacrifices she never planned for.

And yet, despite the lies being told to protect the other, in lieu of the trappings of fame that manage to keep them apart, and in spite of the deception by those they’ve come to trust the most; one truth remains.

This much is true.

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