Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When I See You - On Sale at Most Online eBook Retailers

If you noticed any trends on this blog or my others, you'll soon discover that When I See You is rarely on sale. Why? It's my latest release. It's done well on the sales charts and most recently on the ChickLitPlus blog tour. It is GOOD fiction. I'm proud of it and I don't necessarily have to give it away.

Now, having said all of that, I'm thrilled to announce that When I See You is on sale for the next week or so (through April 4th, 2013- midnight) as part of a promotional effort for new readers that I'm doing as well as a celebration of sorts. (I'm almost done with This Much Is True so WISY won't be my latest release for much longer.)

When I See You has been well-received by most readers and bloggers alike, so if you've been waiting to download this one onto your Kindle or Nook or iPad or Kobo eReader, now's the time. Enjoy!

And, thank you as always for reading my work.

Best, Katherine Owen

Here's a brief overview of the story line:

She believes that love can never last, promises are usually broken, and true happiness is extremely elusive in the long run. He believes most risks are worth taking, the promises he makes can be kept, and love doesn't factor in his relationships any longer. They're both wrong. 

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